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Activity of associated companies in the international markets has been noticed by many institutions. We are proud of the many examples of recognition for our actions, such as prizes awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Market Agency, Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, Group of Fruit and Vegetables Producers, Fruit Growers Association of the Republic of Poland and many other institutions related to export and fruit-growing sector in Poland.

Within the cooperation of the consortium and the company Appolonia we managed to combine today an offer of multiple groups of fruit producers forming, the largest in Poland operator of the sales of apples made by their members. Every year we sell hundreds of thousands of tons of fruit so that we are able to handle even the most demanding customers.

Considering the exorbitant demands of customers around the world we maximize the specialization in protecting and preparing fruits for sale. Production takes place in the framework of the fruit producer groups united in Appolonia, which are subject to advising of agro- technical consulting services and strict control throughout the production season. This allows us to ensure delivery of the best products characterized by the absence of the remnants of any harmful chemicals. Healthy apple on a daily basis is the mission with which Appolonia acts on behalf of its customers.



Production plants united in the Appolonia Sp. z. o. o. are characterized by a very modern machine park adapted to prepare prior- sale of fruit for even the most demanding customers. The specificity of each of our facilities is adapted to the preparation of fruit optimally matched to the requirements of our customers.



Our farms for many generations are specialized in the cultivation of fruit orchards. Growers who are part of our Fruit Producer Groups, when produce put an emphasis not only on quality, but also the safety of production and direct consumption. Helps them implemented and strictly followed Integrated Production, by which they can be proud of apples: with original taste, secure in the “direct consumption “, containing natural nutrients that do not contain residues after the application of plant protection products.

By following the current trends of the market and combining modernity with passion, we have created a company offering the highest quality fruit with standards in the countries of the European Union and satisfying the most demanding customers.

Our advantage is also the region where you will find our orchards, because we belong to the enormous fruit production in Europe. Microclimate of Mazovia makes apples have a unique taste and flavor, and the natural environment favors the production of healthy and high quality fruit, which are known in many European countries. The Company requires from all shareholder to have GLOBALGAP certification. Farms also have an IPO (Integrated Fruit Production).



In order to document the professional approach to the production and preparation of prior- sale of fruit, the producer groups united to Appolonia Sp. z. o. o. undergo a series of procedures for certification. At the present day we can provide customers the fruits certified in the field of: IPO, Globalgap, HACCP, BRC, IFS.

Premium class fresh apples from Poland like Gala Royal, Gala Must, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Jonagold, Jonagored, Idared, Ligol, Red Jonaprince, Champion, Gloster we pack in loose box (jumble box), double layer 13 kg and 8 kg, one layer 4 kg, 6 kg and 7 kg, bushel 18 kg, wooden box 13 kg, tray 4, 6 and 8 pcs of fruits, bags 1-3kg

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