/ 20.10.2013

Spółdzielnia Producentów

Nowy Kłopoczyn 30A
96-208 Lubania

S. The Producers’ Cooperative SADEKS was established in 2004. It as an association of fruit producers from Sadkowice commune. The total harvested area of crops amounts to 500ha. We supply ca. 10,000mt Apples, 700mt Cherries, 150mt Sweet Cherries, 150mt Blueberries to our domestic market and foreign markets .

For our production we use state of the art equipment and means what makes our fruit to be of the highest quality. Each member has its own storage base, ULOKA and normal cold stores what makes our fruit to be of unchanged flavour and nutritious properties all year round.


Production takes place in the framework of the fruit producer groups united in Appolonia, which are subject to advising of agro- technical consulting services and strict control throughout the production season.


The Group associates 26 fruit growers. 95% of the orchards of our shareholders are apple trees: including ‘Idared’, ‘Jonagold’ and its sports, ‘Champion’, ‘Gala’, Red Jonaprince®, Gloster, Red Chief®, ‘Golden Delicious’, ‘Mutsu’ and ‘Ligol’.


S. P. SADEKS was founded in 2004. It associates more than a dozen fruit growers from the Sadkowice commune. We use cutting-edge equipment and agents in the production process, to ensure the highest quality of our fruit.


The "POLSAD" Orchardry Co-operative in Lewiczyn currently associates 22 members who share a common passion for fruit production with use of the integrated method.

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Our company meets the HACCP quality standards. Additionally, we have introduced the BRC and IFS certificates and the GLOBAL GAP agricultural safety system. Fruit samples are regularly tested by the Institute of Horticulture.


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